Play Halloween Slots at Best Bet Casino!

Play Halloween slots in a spacesuit and get ready for an intergalactic adventure on planets filled with coins in Jackpot 51 slots unlocked! Before take off, be sure to get familiar with the rocket and take a look at how your bet impacts the pay tables. Click on the “i” to activate the pay table. There are 30 possible pay lines in Jackpot 51, more lines for extra chances to put that coin balance in overdrive! During play, lookout for a random spaceship dropping WILD reels to help keep the journey going. Secret service agents are doing all they can to stop you from getting big wins, so avoid them at all costs. Use special symbols to stay ahead and activate the blast off event for a massive coin explosion feature!
Jackpot 51


Special Symbols


Bonus Reel

Hit 3 or more BONUS reels in any position to trigger the Free Spin Bonus. Additional Free Spins may be earned during the Free Spin Bonus in this Halloween Slot.


  • 3 awards 8 Free Spins + 1x Total Bet
  • 4 awards 12 Free Spins + 2x Total Bet
  • 5 awards 16 Free Spins + 5x Total Bet


Scatter Bonus Reel

Hit 3 SCATTER reels in any position on reels 2, 3 and 4 to trigger the picking bonus. Pick alien friends, each containing a hidden coin value until you uncover the alien with the Bonus Over. Watch a BIG WIN rocket launch as your winnings add up!



With the WILD reel you can substitute for all symbols except SCATTER and BONUS. Spaceships may fly in at random on any spin and drop safety balls, turning one or more symbols into Spaceship Wilds!


Play Halloween slots with free coins from Best Bet Casino to get in some early Halloween fun! Start spinning on your favorite device now!
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World of Ripley’s Believe It or Not™ Slots

World of Ripley’s Believe It or Not Slots!

World of Ripley’s Believe It or Not™ Slots has made its long awaited debut in Best Bet Casino! The NEW free-to-play slots game is jam packed with surprises and MASSIVE jackpots!


World of Ripley’s Believe It or Not™ Slots will take you on a new journey through a weird and wonderful selection of symbols, features and mega bonuses! This new game is one of the most feature-filled, showcasing mystery symbols, trivia games, spin a wheel of fortune, and generous progressive jackpots! Players can win up to 1,500x their total bet for an ultimate mega payout you wouldn’t believe!


How to win: 

In this iteration of the World of Ripley’s Believe It or Not™, continues with it’s strange events and bizarre items, featuring symbols like cute pink dolphins, weird cube-shaped watermelons, and the famous upside-down houses on each reel. Players can enjoy 27 ways to win as they spin their way to a lucky pay day! For the best chances to win, try your luck at hitting multiple bonus rounds. 


Bonus Features:

Mystery Symbols – seven random spots on the reels will turn into one type of symbol, which could lead to a big win.

Mystery Wilds – one, two, or three random reels will be filled with the wild symbol for more chances to win.

Trivia Bonus – triggered by two or three game logo symbols landing on the reels. Answer the trivia question correctly and win bet multipliers when you guess the right answer from the four possible choices. 

Wheel of Fortune – triggers the Wheel Bonus where you can spin it to claim bet multipliers, or to launch free spins, or a new trivia game.

Free Spins – In the free spins round, players can get Mystery symbols each time, or Mystery Wilds. Some players have even experienced a TNT detonator during the round which blasts extra wild symbols onto the reels for bigger jackpots!

Progressive Jackpot – if all positions on the reels are filled with the wild Ripley’s symbol, you automatically win!


World of Ripley’s Believe It or Not™ Slots has so much to do & so much to win! Download Best Bet Casino here to play now to check out all of it’s incredible features! 

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